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Dec. 13-St. Lucy-lights!

Beautiful St. Lucy

St. Lucy is the patroness of Sicily. She is also my patroness in a big way because it was in her historic Newark church, built by, yes, Sicilian immigrants that I started my close walk in Christ (i.e. conversion). A lifelong Catholic already when it happened, I was nonchalant, nonplussed and numbskull on most things about the church. I am trying to correct that now, but I would say that it was through the persistent uptake of the Living Bread and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that gave me a new (and being renewed) body and spirit—a new me, so much so I was prompted to make a name change (actually truncation). I actually never thought I could use the word happy (in the deep honest way) to describe myself but because of this closeness with the Source and Savior Himself, I am—as Si of Duck Dynasty would say—happehhappeh.

But back to St. Lucy. This idea came to me on her Feast Day which is perfect as I planned to go the this blessed beautiful church and wonderful people for the Mass, tree lighting and concert. Unvigilant planning made me miss all those, but we were treated to a warm glowing church emptied of the revelers but filled with worshipful silence for a candlelit Stations of the Cross and admiration of the festive tableaux, holy statues and much-renowned presepio.

Since St. Lucy is the patroness of the blind (lucia means light) and eye problems, she is often seen holding a platter with eyeballs. Her story though is that her mother did not want her to have a religious vocation and had her engaged. But because of her healing by the tomb of St. Agatha, she softened on her stance on her daughter and offered instead her dowry to the poor. Her fiancé was enraged and reported Lucy to the Roman authorities as a Christian. She was summoned to Diocletian’s court who condemned her to a house of prostitution but couldn’t move her from where she stood as if cemented. Meanwhile as they tried to make her denounce the faith with torture (eyegouging in some accounts) and questions, the young woman defended the faith with such eloquence and passion (maybe even vehemence) that she was subsequently martyred and quickly elevated to the sainted as evidenced in the very early versions of the Mass.

Saint Lucy, pray for us!


Because St. Lucy has been a symbol of light, both by her name and by her example in the vicious persecution of the early Church, I thought of adding some Christmas lights that will just put that sparkle and spirit into our humble abode. The neon light “Jesus is the reason” is a gift from my friend Ava, and the icicle lights are from E (the hubby) stashed for typically indoors but I have appropriated them in this location for the first time. Surprise!

Jesus is the Reason


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